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14-Jan-2018 02:00

To address the growing concerns about child sexual exploitation in the digital age, the Department of Justice launched Project Safe Childhood in 2006.Project Safe Childhood expanded in 2011 to include sex trafficking of minors, crimes against children committed in Indian country, and failure to register as a sex offender. Barely a minute passed - though it felt like hours - before I broke my silence. If "words are deeds," as Sherry Turkle, a sociology of science professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, notes in her book Life on the Screen: Identity in the Age of the Internet (Simon & Schuster), what exactly are the deeds being carried out in these spaces? Despite the disclaimers of many of the participants that what occurs on the Net is pure fantasy, questions abound.Some people who engage in cybersex outside their relationship argue that such acts not only don’t qualify as cheating, but also actually help them to stay faithful by adding excitement and diversity to their sex life.

more The Internet once was seen as a golden "information superhighway" transporting the next generation to the Promised Land.

It's hard to miss those Bay Area billboards claiming that 1 in 5 children has been sexually solicited online, although only a tiny fraction of those involve aggressive solicitations from someone believed to be over age 25.

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