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Instead, it provides a score that is used to estimate how comfortable an individual is with a specific behavior.The FIRO-B test includes three main areas: In short, Expressed Behavior is related to how comfortable we feel about exhibiting a behavior toward other people.

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They often go by their feelings rather than what science, facts, or logic suggests.

The most important contributing factor to this uncanny gift, however, are the empathic abilities often found in Fs, which seem to be especially heightened in the INFJ type (possibly by the dominance of the introverted N function).

This empathy can serve as a classic example of the two-edged nature of certain INFJ talents, as it can be strong enough to cause discomfort or pain in negative or stressful situations.

In some cases, they simply find themselves in charge of groups, and are mystified as to how this happened.

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But the reason is that they have a strong natural urge to give structure and direction wherever they are - to harness people in the field and to direct them to achieve distant goals.

For an INFP, relationships may be less numerous but those that are formed are often long-lasting.