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Previous to this era, “courtship” involved one man and one woman from the same community being urged by their families to go on a series of dates in the hopes that they’d be comfortable enough with each other to get married.These get-to-know-yous were held in homes, with others keeping a watchful eye on the proceedings.Talks to much.” Later in the year, she met Frank Haudel. Teeth are green.” On January 16th, 1911, after a date with Wyman Smith from Sacramento, she wrote a one-word summary of the courter: “FOOL.” These pithy reviews—others range from “dandy” to “tiresome” to the frequently used single-word dismissal of “mutt”—are still on display at The Pardee House museum in Oakland in Carol Pardee’s Chap Record, a small volume bound in green and gold with a dapper gentlemen doffing a hat on the cover.The Chap Record was a mostly blank book with sections to be filled out by the “girl of the period”—things like Name, Date, Place, and Opinion. The title page of the Chap Record had this rhyme, which perfectly sums up its role: A few filled-out Chap Records are still hanging around in small museums and historical societies around the country.The preconfigured Siebel Public Sector application includes effective dating business components for income, expenses, financial assets, contacts, and households.Some views that can contain effective dating fields follow: After you create a record that contains effective dating fields, an effective date button appears in an effective dating field when you click the field.

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This topic contains the following information: You can change the values in effective dating fields in any view that contains the fields for an effective dating business component.

Agents can change effective dating field values to reflect these changes.